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The many conventions over the world

The Timelords

An early guise of the KLF

I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek

A song by the Go-Gos


Welcome to the Doctor Who Fandom Wiki!

Hello and welcome to the Doctor Who Fandom Wiki. This is a wiki about everything and anything relating to the fans of Doctor Who, and the sometimes strange antics of them. This is not about the TV show, nor about fan websites - join them at their respective URLs at and - but this is about the 'Whovians', and we would be extremely grateful if YOU edit it!

This wiki was opened on the 25th May 2010.

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'Trock' is an alagmation of 'Time Lord Rock', which was first coined by Alex Day, akin to Harry Potter fans' 'Wrock' (Wizard Rock). Arguably, 'The Timelords' could be counted as the first Trock band, as in 1988 they released a song called Doctorin' the Tardis.

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